Program Process

Program Process

Step 1: Nomination Students/guardians/volunteers/anyone on behalf of the beneficiary (self-nomination is also encouraged) can refer eligible students through the following link: Bring Smiles - Scholarships.

Step 2: Data Collection The calling team will contact the family and collect the required information for the scholarship application

Step 3: Verification The verification team will process the details available and decide on the eligibility to receive the scholarship as per the guidelines/criteria mentioned in the SOP.

Step 4: Quality Control To review Steps 2 & 3.

Step 5: Disbursement Fund will be transferred directly to the educational institution.

Step 6: Documentation Fee receipts will be procured from the beneficiaries to acknowledge the scholarship support.


Applications will be processed first in the order of Eligibility & and then in the following order of preference

Preference School-going beneficiaries College-going beneficiaries
1 Government aided schools Government Colleges
2 Low-income private schools (Annual fees below or equal to Rs.20,000) Government aided courses in private colleges
3 Other Private Schools (Annual fees above Rs.20,000 but below 30,000) Private Colleges

1. Student Aadhar Card - With 12-digit ID and not virtual ID
2. School / College ID card
3. Latest Mark sheet/Report card ( Not older than 6 months )
4. Fee Bonafide from the Educational Institution:
     ❖ Bona-Fide request letter from Bhumi - Click here to download
     ❖ Fee Affidavit / Bona fide Format - Click here to download
       (You can submit these two documents to your college authority to get a bona fide.)
5. Parent(s) proof of Work ( any one of the following )
     ❖ Company ID card
     ❖ Govt. licence for street vendor
     ❖ License/certificate to practise as a professional technician
     ❖ Driver license & Vehicle permit for drivers
     ❖ Photo of the place of business, etc.
6. Parents/ Family Income Certificate (or) Last 3 months Bank account statement
7. Family Ration Card (Optional)
8. If applicable :
     ❖ Service or Termination letter
     ❖ Death Certificate of the Deceased Parent(s)
     ❖ Disability Certificate

The students or children eligible for the scholarship in the following group has been allocated the upper limit of scholarship amount that Bhumi can support. The scholarship support will be the actual fee requirement/upper limit set by Bhumi, whichever is lesser.

Group Upper Limit of Scholarship Amount
Pre-primary Rs. 10,000
Primary (1st-5th) Rs. 15,000
Secondary (6th-8th) Rs. 20,000
Higher Secondary (9th-12th) Rs. 25,000
Undergraduation/Postgraduation(Non-professional courses) Rs. 30,000
Professional Course Rs. 50,000

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