Stories of Change

Aditya Rajesh, Bihar – Aspiring Engineer

The financial crisis faced by Aditya’s family has been immense, primarily because of the pandemic and the uncertainty around the monthly income earned by his father. His father works in a shop, and the salary depends on the business for the month and various other factors.
Aditya is a studious child and aspires to be an engineer. He is focused and loves to study. He was in his 10th standard when their family’s financial situation worsened.
That is when Bhumi stepped into the picture and provided financial support by paying his fees through the Bring Smiles program. He is now writing his 10th standard board exams, and his mother believes that he is working very hard and studying sincerely.
“The support from Bhumi was beneficial and came through at the right time. The financial situation at home was tough, and we were perplexed about paying our son’s fees.” says Aditya’s mother.

Jyoti Kumari, Bihar – Aspiring Doctor

Jyoti hails from a small village in Bihar, and her family faced financial problems last year due to unstable monthly income. Her father is a daily wage worker, and her mother is a housewife. Jyoti also has two siblings.
As a very enthusiastic and creatively inclined child, Jyoti was interested in pursuing her studies and passion for painting. But the economic condition of their family had been a cause of concern for her parents.
Then, they learned about Bhumi and decided to apply for the scholarship through the Bring Smiles program. Jyoti is now in 10th standard and eagerly looks forward to returning to school after the summer holidays.
“I love going to school and studying. I am also interested in drawing and painting. I was able to attend school last year and study because of Bhumi’s help. I want to be a doctor in the future.” says Jyoti.

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