Bhumi X Cognizant Foundation Scholarships:

Paving the Way to Unlimited Possibilities

Are you a driven student from an underprivileged background, aiming to break through the challenges and pursue your dreams in STEAM, Vocational Technical Education, Paramedical Sciences, or Allied Health Sciences? Here's your golden opportunity!

The Bhumi X Cognizant Foundation Scholarships is more than just financial support – it's a bridge to a better future. We are committed to transforming lives and building a more inclusive society.

Categories: Women, Transgender individuals, Persons with disabilities.
Economic Eligibility: Family income below INR 3.50 Lakhs per annum.
Academic Eligibility: Minimum 60% marks in grade 12
Band 1: Enrolled in the 1st year of undergraduate or diploma in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math), AHS (Allied Health Sciences), Paramedical courses in NIRF and NAAC accredited colleges pan India.
Band 2: Students who are pursuing first year in any 1-2 year Certification, ITI, Diploma Vocational Technical Education & AHS Courses in NIRF and NAAC accredited colleges pan India.
● Renewal of scholarship is subject to the scholar scoring minimum 60% marks in the preceding semester/year of study.

● Scholarships for 100 deserving students annually.
● Direct disbursement to educational institutions.

Fixed Fee Structure:

 S No.  Particular  Scholarship Amount (INR) Per Student per Year
 1  Fee structure < INR 25,000  INR 25,000
 2  Fee structure > INR 25,000 and < INR 50,000  INR 50,000

Note: A scholarship fund can be utilized only for academic expense purposes which include tuition fees, hostel fees, food, internet, device, laptop, books, stationery etc.

● Self-nomination or referral through our dedicated form.
● Ensure your eligibility by reviewing the economic and academic criteria.
● Provide the necessary documents, from Aadhar Card to the 12th Grade Mark sheet.
● Once approved, the scholarship gets disbursed directly to your institution!

● Aadhar Card (12-digit ID, not virtual)
● Institute ID Card
● 12th Grade Mark sheet
● Current Academic Report Card
● Parents’ Employment Proof
● Family Ration Card
● Proof of Income or Bank Statement
● Relevant Certificates (Death or Disability, if applicable)

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Opening Doors of Opportunity with Bhumi Scholarships

At Bhumi, we believe in the transformative power of education. Over the years, our scholarships have ignited hope, bridged gaps, and turned dreams into realities for countless underprivileged students. Every scholarship is not just financial support, it's a beacon of hope, a testament to the strength of human spirit, and a key to unlocking unimaginable futures.

Cognizant's Legacy of Empowerment

Cognizant, a name synonymous with innovation and progress, has always been deeply committed to education. Their dedication is evident in their continuous endeavors to uplift communities, ensuring that bright minds are not dimmed by financial constraints. Together with Bhumi, Cognizant is reinforcing its commitment, ensuring education is a right, not a privilege.

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